Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal

People have laser tattoo removal because, for whatever reason, they’ve decided they no longer want that design on their skin. Laser tattoo removal works by light in effect being absorbed by the tattoo pigment. It’s converted to heat and basically shatters the pigments into lots of small particles.

The cells of the body recognize that there are these little foreign particles and literally go in and removes them and get rid of them. So in effect, the tattoo gets lighter with each laser treatment. The end goal is the permanent removal of the tattoo. Most of the time, once the tattoo was gone, you would literally never know that it was there.

Laser tattoo removal is effective for all types of tattoos. The PICO lasers are when the newest forms of lasers for tattoo removal. They are more effective in terms of reducing different colors such as red and green, which have always proven quite difficult, and can remove tattoos with less treatment when compared to our more traditional lasers.

Straight after a tattoo removal treatment, we banished the area up, and we left it on for at least kind of 48-72 hours. We recommend that you use a skin aftercare kit that has got copper. On average, it’s great for kind of skin healing and aloe vera, which cools the skin down.

Then, it’s a thermal cooling spray as well. We see 10 or 15 clients a day, and everyone comes in with something different or different concern.

At the end of their course, people have so much more confidence; they have much better relationships with you and obviously their family and friends because they feel confident in themselves.