Laser Hair Removal


Initially, for a client coming into our clinic, they’ll have a consultation where the nurse practitioner examines the hair and just kind of gives them a bit of a brief overview.

We explained to them that normally they’d have one treatment every four weeks, and in the case of a face area embodied every six weeks treatment. It’s slightly uncomfortable, and it feels like an elastic band being kind of flipped against the skin, but it’s bearable.

It’s completely tolerable; we have a cold-air machine, so that kind of takes away the feeling of the actual laser treatment. Hair is in different cycles of growth, so some are growing, some are resting some are falling, so because of that, one requires several treatments to actually get rid of the hair completely.

Once it’s gone, one would expect to see a long period of significant hair reduction before requiring any further treatment. One of the best parts of our job is the ability to use the most advanced technology to actually bring about results quickly.